Geary A. Rummler, in commenting about the “learning and development” field in an interview that appears in the November issue of “Training + Development”, said:’s a solution in search of a problem. People have developed all this wonderful stuff around learning and development, and it’s become a thing in and of itself rather than something that exists to help people be more effective in their jobs.” (TD November 2007 p.75)

The scariest thing about Rummler's comment is that U.S. organizations spend an estimated $129.6 billion annually on this “solution in search of a problem.”(See my 11/8/07 blog post.) The internal training and leadership/management development professionals and the external training and consulting providers are enamored with their tools, technology, and talent. They sell the latest and greatest glitz and glamour. Very few are selling and delivering results. I understand why. It is much easier and safer to be held accountable for training delivery than it is for performance improvement. But organizations can’t afford to keep wasting resources in this way. First they should clarify what business results they want and then buy or build the performance improvement programs that will get them those results. It has been the other way around for too long.