What are employees most concerned about at work? The answer to this question could help managers create more productive work places. BusinessWeek polled its readers for the answers to this question. I think the most interesting aspect of this study is the six themes that the editors decided were the most important:

  1. Work-Life Balance
  2. Staying Creative
  3. Toxic Bosses
  4. Rigid Bureaucracy
  5. Generation Gaps
  6. Time Management

Given the readership of BusinessWeek and my scan of the featured comments, the respondents to the survey appear to be skewed toward relatively high paid, knowledge workers, who are confident enough to exert control over their work situations. They talked about things like flexible schedules and being rewarded for productivity, not for number of hours worked, and managing email and text messages. Not all office workers are faced with these issues. Regardless, I think the six themes are worth any organization examining as a way towards continuous improvement.