Death by PowerPoint is a terrible way to go. I have posted before about problems with PowerPoint. I'm very pleased to see that people are using alternative ways to present their ideas and communicate information to large groups of people. One of these techniques is Pecha Kucha. I became aware of this presentation format from an article in ISPI's online newsletter, PerformanceExpress. Then I discovered that thousands of people around the globe are already using Pecha Kucha. This is the story of my life when it comes to new technology: always a little late in the game. But better late then never.

Pecha Kucha is essentially 20 visually interesting slides about any topic, each given a 20 second explanation, totalling six minutes and forty seconds. Daniel Pink does a nice job of explaining Pecha Kucha and demonstrating its use. See his presentation on YouTube:


One of the interesting applications of Pecha Kucha is suggested by David Zinger at his blog. He shows how a variation of the technique can be used to present a very creative bio. What a great way for people to tell their stories! I don't know if it replaces a resume entirely, but it sure is an effective way to leave a lasting impression with a prospective employer or client. I just hope that the technique does not become overused and I have to write about "Death by Pecha Kucha."