As of this morning, GM and Chrysler are very close to receiving a "bridge loan" from taxpayers, although Senate republicans might still block a vote. My questions is, "Will these companies be any different substantially at the end of March 2009, when they must present a detailed plan to a Car Czar. According to the news media, the legislation would make $14 billion available to GM and Chrysler (Ford is not requesting assistance at this time.), restrict compensation packages to top executives, keep jobs in the U.S., and create a plan that will make them financially viable (i.e., reduce costs; increase profit) in the long-run.

This is all well and good, but unless these companies address employee workplace performance and the training and development of all employees, all they are doing is re-arranging the deck chairs. To be competitive, these companies need workers who are innovative, constantly learning and changing, and willing to take risks with their ideas. The automakers need work environments that nurture and motivate people to do their best, to provide great customer service (internal and external customers), and help their companies continuously improve. Nothing I've heard about the legislation addresses these requirements of a 21rst Century workforce. I want to know (given it's my money) what GM and Chrysler will be doing differently to prepare management and union workers for the new corporate direction.