In these economically troubled times, companies should be doing whatever they can to ensure that employee training dollars are spent wisely and that these dollars contribute to achieving positive outcomes for the business. The talent that remains after downsizing and layoffs should be developed to its fullest so that companies survive and are prepared for the inevitable turnaround.

Five key organizational factors determine whether employee training and development programs contribute to achieving positive outcomes for the business and develop employees to their fullest. These factors are: 1) alignment; 2) anticipation; 3) alliance; 4) application; and 5) accountability. We call these factors the "5As Framework." Sean Murray, from RealTime Performance, and I have created a short, pecha-kucha style introduction to this framework.

This framework represents the core principles behind the Advantage Way, used by Advantage Performance Group, leaders in sales and management training. One of the primary tools used in Advantage Way is the Success Case Method, an efficient and effective way to study training impact, which supports the fifth factor in the 5As Framework: “accountability”. For more information on the Success Case Method, read Robert O. Brinkerhoff’s The Success Case Method: Find Out Quickly What’s Working and What’s Not; also read Courageous Training: Bold Actions for Business Results by Tim Mooney and Robert O. Brinkerhoff.

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