Spending on formal training of employees has had the largest year-to-year decrease in ten years with spending, according to Bersin & Associates, down 11% per employee . This is not surprising given the pressure that all companies feel to reduce costs. However, the need for employee learning, whether that is customer service, sales techniques, project management, teambuilding, communication, leadership, or any of a wide range of technical competencies, is greater than ever. Effective training is critical for companies to get through this recessionary economy and emerge on the other end ready to compete. It is essential that every precious training dollar is used wisely.

The 5As Framework represents a way of thinking that will help you ensure that your investment in training will contribute to achieving business goals. Sean Murray and I have recorded our February 26th Webinar on the 5As Framework and this is now available for your viewing and listening pleasure. I would appreciate hearing your reactions to the Webinar and the 5As Framework. Please post a comment.