In these tumultuous times, with the economy in turmoil and so many organizations teetering on the brink of insolvency (businesses, nonprofits, and governments), we need leaders we can believe in. Rob Pasick has given us a book, Balanced Leadership for Unbalanced Times, that can help leaders become the kind of honest, trustworthy, transparent, and inspiring people our organizations need, now more than ever.

Pasick offers 20 principles that define a "balanced leader":

  1. You balance your needs with those of others in your organization.
  2. You balance your needs with those of others in your family.
  3. You manage your energy.
  4. You manage your time.
  5. You adhere to your values.
  6. You keep an optimistic outlook while remaining realistic.
  7. You cultivate consistency while adapting to change.
  8. You practice self-reflection.
  9. You maintain your emotional equanimity.
  10. You recognize and manage your blind spots.
  11. You leverage your strengths while managing your weaknesses.
  12. You try to see yourself as others see you.
  13. You alternate periods of hard work with periods of sustained rest.
  14. You play as hard as you work.
  15. You take chances and make mistakes.
  16. You acknowledge your mistakes.
  17. You learn from your mistakes.
  18. You maintain a good sense of humor.
  19. You cultivate friends and relatives to keep you on the right path.
  20. You never do any of this alone.

These are the kinds of leaders we desperately need. These are leaders who are willing to accept responsibility for their mistakes and learn from what they did wrong and what they did right. Balanced leaders, according to Pasick, do this in all aspects of their lives. Here's hoping for more leaders who are continually striving for balance.