It's not easy sorting through millions of blogs to find the few that are worth our valuable time. Some help with this has been provided by The Ken Eikenberry Group. They are conducting the “3rd annual Best of Leadership Blogs” competition and have narrowed the list down to 10. You can vote for your favorite at:  The list includes:

Leading Blog by Michael McKinney

Great Leadership by Dan McCarthy

Seth Godin’s Blogby Seth Godin

Jon Gordon’s Blog by Jon Gordon

Leadership is a Verb by John Bishop

All Things Workplaceby Steve Roesler

Work Matters by Bob Sutton

Leader Talk by Becky Robinson

Next Level Blogby Scott Eblin

Leadership At Workby John Baldoni

I would add Sean Murray’s RealTime Leadership blog to this list, but that’s just me. What leadership blogs would you put on this list of the best?