Just as organizations need to do a better job of aligning training and work outcomes, government needs to do a better job of aligning education policy with labor policy. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that leaders in the U.S. government are working more closely to ensure that educational programs result in good jobs for youth and adults alike. In describing a meeting with the Senate Education Committee, the Chronicle writes:

… a pair of top officials from the Education and Labor Departments pledged to work together to better align federal education and labor programs…“One criticism that we hear repeatedly is that we have asked local areas to partner with various stakeholders, and yet inside the Beltway we are conducting siloed business as usual,” said Jane Oates, an assistant secretary of labor.

It's no wonder businesses have a difficult time finding people who are ready for work and prepared to do the jobs that companies need done. Educational institutions are not preparing them for these jobs. Government agencies as well as businesses are “siloed” with learning (education) the responsibility of one department and work the responsibility of another department. This must change both in government and business. Learning and work should be aligned (See previous blog post on "Alignment".) so that training results directly in high performance on the job and business success.