A colleague asked me recently if the 5As Framework could be applied to leadership coaching. I said, “Absolutely!” Coaching is a relationship that is intended to facilitate learning, e.g., how to give feedback to employees, how to run a meeting, how to communicate with your boss, etc. The 5As Framework is a guide to maximizing the benefits of any learning intervention. Ergo, the 5As should be applied to coaching.

For those of you who haven’t read Sean Murray's blog or 5A logomy previous blogs or viewed our webinars about the framework, here is a short tutorial:


Align learning with strategic goals.


Anticipate success.


Create a learning alliance between learner and boss.


Apply learning immediately.


Hold learner and organization accountable for business results.

As coaches we want our clients to: understand how coaching will help them achieve important business results (alignment); have expectations that they will improve their abilities as managers/leaders (anticipation); talk with their bosses about what they are learning in coaching (alliance);  apply what they learn in coaching immediately to their work situations (application); measure the effects of coaching on achieving business results (accountability). By using the 5As in this way, we increase the impact of coaching on individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole.

For more details and tools you can use to implement the framework, look for our soon-to-be-published ebook, Getting More from Your Investment in Training: The 5As Framework. I will have a link to the ebook on this blog.