Getting business results from training, or any learning intervention (for example, coaching) for that matter, often has more to do with organizational issues than it does with design and delivery of the learning event. Learning professionals have become very good at creating powerful learning experiences for participants. Yet, the number of participants who apply this learning to achieving important business results for their organizations is still quite small. Some researchers put that number in the 10% to 20% range. 5As cover 1200

Sean Murray, CEO of RealTime Performance, and I want to increase that number. We have identified five organizational factors that contribute to the impact of learning interventions. We believe that when learners and managers of learners attend to these factors, it is much more likely that training will contribute to business success. These factors are: 

  1. Alignment: Align learning with strategic goals.
  2. Anticipation: Anticipate success.
  3. Alliance: Create a learning alliance between learner and boss.
  4. Application: Apply learning immediately.
  5. Accountability: Hold learner and organization accountable for business results.

These factors make up what we call the "5As Framework". You can read more about this framework in our new e-book, Getting More From Your Investment in Training: The 5As Framework. The e-book also has valuable tips and tools you can use to get more impact from your training programs. You can download the first two chapters free or you can purchase the whole e-book at the RealTime Performance Web site. Let us know what you think.