Small5a  The most important thing managers can do to ensure highperformance in their companies is eliminate the organizational barriers to learning. Sean Murray and I wrote about this issue in an article that appears in the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) December newsletter. The article is adapted from our new e-book, Getting More From Your Investment in Training: The 5As Framework. In the article we say:

...managers are the gatekeepers to learning. If they truly want their investment in performance improvement to pay off, they need to pay attention to each of the 5As: 1) aligning learning  interventions with strategic business goals; 2) anticipating and setting the expectations that the learning intervention will have an impact on the success of the organization; 3) forming a learning alliance between learner and manager that supports learning and application of that learning; 4) providing opportunities for learners to apply what they learned in meaningful ways; and 5) being accountable for learning and its impact on the organization.

Only then will organizations maximize the value of their learning interventions (e.g., training, coaching, mentoring, simulations, etc.). Managers who truly want high performance from their team members can’t afford to relinquish responsibility for learning to HR or the Training Department. Trainers won’t be successful, no matter how good the training programs, unless managers create a culture that supports learning and performance improvement. Being mindful of the 5As is a good place to start.