Advice about developing employee engagement in organizationsis offered in a new, free e-book titled, Employee Engagement: Powerful Sentences of Advice for Managers. Published by the Employee Engagement Network, edited by David Zinger, and written by its members, the e-book consists of 100 sentences aboutEmployee-Engagement-for-Managers1 employee engagement.

I wrote this statement for the book:

Set performance goals collaboratively with employee and then hold yourself and employee accountable for achieving those goals.

Some other selections from the book are:

Make time to discuss expectations - both what you expect of your employees, and what your employees expect of you.  (Jason M. Beauford)

Don’t give someone responsibility for something, unless you are also going to give them the power to affect it.  (Samantha Wood)

Your motivation is not their motivation - understand what motivates your employees and harness that information to bring out the best in them. (Phil Canale)

Download the e-book here.

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