My blog is now featured on Tony Karrer’s collaborative blog,eLearningLearning. He describes his blog inBadge-elearning-small   this way:

eLearning Learning  is a collection of blog posts and articles all around eLearning.  It uses the Browse My Stuff technology to create this topic hub.  Topic Hubs are sites that aggregate content from a variety of sources, organize that content around keywords in the topic domain, and support both manual and social curation of that content.

He has designed the blog to:

·         Collect and aggregate “high quality content”

·         Provide a site that can be navigated easily by bloggers and non-bloggers

·         Be a link to additional sources of content

·         Surface content that might not be found otherwise

You can find the same “Browse My Stuff” search tool for my blog in the lower left column. This tool appears to be a great way to organize and find information from this blog and from many blogs and online articles that emphasize "e-learning".