One of the biggest challenges faced by companies in thispost-recession economy is attracting and retaining talent. In an invited article I wrote for, a blog published by Dr. John Psarouthakis, I describe the kind of organizational culture that is motivating to high performing employees. I argue that these environments have six, key factors:

  1. Clear and frequent communication
  2. Trust-building
  3. Continuous learning
  4. High level of employee engagement
  5. Recognition and reward for success and risk-taking
  6. Leadership that is people-centered

Without these you will have a disengaged, unmotivated, low performing, and high-turnover workforce.

Every executive needs to work on lowering costs, increasing revenue, and improving customer service. But if these executives don’t also pay attention to developing a high performance culture, in the long run, those other factors won’t make any difference. Organizations won’t have the talent they need to survive and thrive.