There might be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there are hundreds of ways to enhanceEmployeeEngagementTop10Cover   employee engagement. These are listed in a new book edited by David Zinger for The Employee Engagement Network. The book is titled The Top Tens of Employee Engagement and can be downloaded at the Network' site. I have the honor of being author of the chapter on measuring the impact of employee engagement interventions. In that chapter I describe ten ways of measuring impact. You can:

  1. Interview a small sample of participants
  2. Survey participants before and after the intervention
  3. Survey bosses of participants
  4.  Survey employees supervised by participants
  5. Observe employees in their natural habitat
  6. Analyze unobtrusive indicators of engagement
  7. Interview customers of employees
  8. Interview top management of organization
  9.  Ask employees to keep a log
  10. Combine two or more of items 1 through 9 above

As you can see by this list, several different methods can be used to determine if training programs, communication programs, new workplace policies, social activities, or any other employee intervention has a significant impact on engagement. The tendency of organizations is to send out a survey to measure impact; that is, if they do anything at all. Management should be clear about the results they want and the indicators that will show that those results have been achieved, before deciding on the measurement method that will be most useful.