Five key organizational factors determine if there will be business results from learning: 1) alignment; 2) anticipation; 3) alliance; 4) application; and 5) accountability. Together, these factors make up a framework that contributes to employee success. Sean Murray and I wrote about this in our book, The 5As Framework. Sean will be talking about the framework in a session at the American Society for Training & Development Conference in Orlando, Florida on May 25th. If you go to the ASTD Conference, I encourage you to attend Sean's session.

In his session, Sean will describe the factors and tools participants can use to ensure that learning is a business driver in their organizations. Sean's goal is that participants leave the session understanding each of the 5As and how they impact learning. After attending, participants will be able to conduct a 5As audit to identify the greatest opportunities for increasing business success from training and education in their organizations. Participants will be able to create an action plan for achieving business results. They will hear how other organizations are using the 5As Framework to achieve business success.