In my last blog post, I wrote about the Harvard Business Review blogger Dan Pallotta and his post titled, “I Don't Understand What Anyone Is Saying Anymore.” He writes about business buzz words and how they LSSUPan_004 get in the way of clear communication. Speaking of words that do not improve communication, Lake Superior State University recently announced its "37th annual List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness."

The words for 2012 are:

  1. Amazing
  2. Baby Bump
  3. Shared Sacrifice
  4. Occupy
  5. Blowback
  6. Man Cave
  7. The New Normal
  8. Pet Parent
  9. Win The Future
  10. Trickeration
  11. Ginormous
  12. Thank You In Advance

Read the entertaining comments about these words on the LSSU Web site.

What words do you think should be on the list? "Learning Organization" would be my nomination.