Connected learning, a concept that has come out of research on K-12 education, has application to employee learning. Edudemic has defined "connected learning" in this way:

Connected learning brings together all of the various experiences, interests, technology, academics, people and communities that learners are a part of in order to make all of these scenarios and experiences learning opportunities.

An infographic explains the concept further: 


This describes what many of us have been talking about in terms of a learning culture and what Halelly Azulay calls “Employee Development on a Shoestring.” It’s using all of the resources of an organization and the wider community to help employees be successful.  It’s about learning, but it’s also about employees connecting with the people who can help them achieve their performance goals.

In “connected learning” you are not confined by the classroom. You start with what employees need to learn and then consider the best way to achieve their learning objectives. Let’s take management development as an example. And let’s say that one of the abilities that new managers need to develop is conducting effective performance reviews with employees.  This learning might be achieved by the manager-in-training observing a few performance review sessions conducted by other managers (in-person or on YouTube) followed by learning-from-action, or it might be achieved by circulating a question on Facebook or Linkedin asking for advice about performance reviews, or it might be achieved by assigning employees the task of creating a performance review guide, or it might be achieved by some combination of these different methods. The point is to take advantage of the rich learning opportunities that are available in any organization and weave learning into the fabric of organizational life.