I’m always looking for examples of companies that put learning ahead of training. TorranceLearning is one of those companies. They design custom learning experiences for client organizations by starting with the intended results and related performance problems and then, and only then, do they provide employees with the tools, structures, and processes to learn what they need to know and do to be successful.  

I had the pleasure recently, along with my Learning to be Great™ business partner, James Stilwell, to interview the founder and CEO of TorranceLearning, Megan Torrance. She answered our questions about how her company helps clients create a learning culture and how she creates a learning culture within TorranceLearning. Lessons for all of us are in this video of the interview.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq92bqLmIrI]

Of the many insights I gained from this interview, two stand out for me. One is the key role of managers in learning. As Megan says, “The single biggest impediment to applying something on the job tends to be managers.” We need to help managers learn how to support the learning and development of their direct reports and co-workers. The second insight is “collaborative learning”. According to Megan, this takes two people, one person willing to be vulnerable and open to feedback and another person willing to give help within a culture that isn’t punitive regarding mistakes, failures, and just not knowing. All good lessons.